About Go Man Go

Go Man Go started as a simple idea first thought up while watching a bike short at a film festival. The final script took nearly six months to write, mostly on nights and weekends. At that point it was still just a story on paper. The film didn't start to become a reality until the writer and producer Dravis Bixel teamed up with director Sean McGrath and cinematographer Kollin O'Dannel. None of them had worked on a feature film before, but they had the talent and drive to see it through. The three formed a solid team that became a foundation for everything else. This production team uncovered some wonderful local talent, including Daniel Brockley and Samara Lerman. The cast began to breathe life into the characters and shooting began at the end of summer in 2013.

Set in Pacific Northwest, the environment was important to give the story a sense of place. All of the scenes were shot on location to showcase the natural beauty of the region. Many sites are hidden gems that even long time residents might be unaware of. With a few unorthodox filming methods and the use of an old van, the filmmakers were able to achieve a vibrant view of urban life.

In the end, the film was completed because of the dedication of the cast and crew. Filming often lasted all day and late into the evening. After the actors had gone home the crew often still had work getting everything ready for the next day. The weather was occasionally a problem. Raining out shoots on one day, and often freezing when it was supposed to be sunny. The production had problems with cameras breaking in the middle of the day, actors who didn't show up, and locations that didn't work. It is an amazing testament to the skill of the people involved that all the obstacles were overcome. None of the disasters and problems that occurred are even apparent in the final product. On a tight budget with little help the small group was able to pull off something truly amazing. That is why the film is dedicated to everyone who worked on Go Man Go and made it the great movie it is.