Cast & Crew

Daniel Brockley
Daniel Brockley is an actor, writer and filmmaker based in Seattle, WA. He's been seen in films such as The Hit List, Eastern Hunter, Secondary and more, and on television in Grimm and The Librarians. On stage, Daniel has acted regionally at theatres including ACT, Seattle Shakespeare Company, Book-It Repertory Theatre, The Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Willamette Repertory Theatre, Center Repertory Theatre and others.

Dravis Bixel
Dravis Bixel has a diverse range of interests and talents. Writer, engineer, actor, bike courier, and adventurer. Go Man Go was the first project that brought all those skills together. This is reflected in his various roles on set as producer, writer, and actor. It is also Dravis's inaugural effort in feature filmmaking. When not traveling the world, Dravis makes his home in Seattle, Washington.

James Clark
James is a Washington local and graduated with a BA in sociology from CWU in 2013 where he also studied theater. The film program on campus gave him the opportunity to work in numerous film projects as well. It was here that he cultivated his talents and passions for acting. Outside of acting, James likes to keep busy with writing and stand-up comedy.

Melinda Raebyne
I was born in Fort Walton, FL and moved to the northwest right before going into junior high school. I remembered how watching a TV show or a movie would take me away from my world and I wanted to be able to do that for people. Even though it scared the crap out of me at the time to have to perform in front of an audience, I couldn’t wait to take my first acting class. As nerve wrecking as my first drama class was, I couldn't get enough, I was HOOKED! With the desire to take my passion for acting to the next level, I studied at Freehold Theatre Studio in Seattle. From there I started to pursue it professionally. I feel that media has a great way to reach the masses and effect the soul, heart and mind of people. Coming to this realization I knew I wanted to take on projects that enhance society. Currently I’ve been able to tie in my skills as a actor and producer while working on a project that touches humanity and hopefully bring us closer together by broaden our minds and looking at the possibilities of what if. I wanted to get more involved in projects that speak to my interest, so I started producing on shorts films and documentary while at the same time being involved with the Seattle Latino Film Festival as their Media and Events Director. I feel very fortunate to be involved in an industry where through powerful storytelling it can touch the emotions the audiences.